CP 45Pa

CP 45Pa

Less is more

Concept Patio® 45Pa is a non-insulated sliding system offering a wide range of solutions ideal for applications in warm climates, winter gardens or the partitioning of indoor office spaces. CP 45Pa applies the latest techniques, designed according to the highest European quality standards. This sliding system offers the complete range of opening possibilities, from sliding elements in the wall, over 2-, 3- to even 4-rail solutions.

With the minimalistic design, offered in Functional and Softline style, CP 45Pa realises an aesthetic solution for your building. In addition, the sliding elements can easily be integrated with different types of windows, conservatory systems, sun screenings and screen doors.



L’Architect Catalogue (PDF) contiene tutte le informazioni ed i nomi dei file CAD. Consulta questo documento per trovare i file CAD relativi alle sezioni dei nodi.

Caratteristiche tecniche


Larghezza min. visibile profilo a T70 mm 
Larghezza visibile sezione centrale40 mm 
Altezza max anta2300 mm 
Larghezza max anta1700 mm 
Peso max elemento120 kg 
Profondità totale anta sistema29 mm 
Altezza battuta20 mm 
Spessore min vetro telaio6 mm 
Spessore max vetro telaio24 mm 


Tenuta all'aria - pressione max testata4 (600 Pa)
Tenuta all'acqua7B (300 Pa)
Resistenza al carico ventoC4 (1600 Pa)

Tipologie di apertura

  • 2-rail XO (XO) slide2-rail XO (XO) slide
  • Gallandage monorail X slideGallandage monorail X slide
  • 3-rail XXO (XXO) slide3-rail XXO (XXO) slide
  • 2-rail OXXO (OXXO) slide2-rail OXXO (OXXO) slide
  • 2-rail QXQ (QXQ) slide2-rail QXQ (QXQ) slide
  • 2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) slide2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) slide
  • 2-rail XQ (XQ) slide2-rail XQ (XQ) slide
  • 2-rail XQX (XQX) slide2-rail XQX (XQX) slide
  • 3-rail OXXXXO (3-rail OXXXXO) Slide3-rail OXXXXO (3-rail OXXXXO) Slide
  • 4-rail OXXXXXXO (4-rail OXXXXXXO) slide4-rail OXXXXXXO (4-rail OXXXXXXO) slide
  • 4-rail QXXXXXXQ (4-rail QXXXXXXQ) slide4-rail QXXXXXXQ (4-rail QXXXXXXQ) slide
  • 3-rail QXXXXQ (3-rail QXXXXQ) Slide3-rail QXXXXQ (3-rail QXXXXQ) Slide
  • 4-rail XXXQ (4-rail XXXQ) slide4-rail XXXQ (4-rail XXXQ) slide
  • 4-rail XXXO (4-rail XXXO) slide4-rail XXXO (4-rail XXXO) slide
  • 3-rail XXQ (3-rail XXQ) Slide3-rail XXQ (3-rail XXQ) Slide